What is travel insurance?

What is travel insurance?

Purchasing a travel insurance policy – an important purchase in preparing for the trip. Only by having a travel insurance policy in his pocket, one can safely indulge in proper rest, knowing that in the case of unexpected health problems insurance policy will cover costs associated with medical care.
Why do we need travel insurance?
Those who embarks on a journey, not for the first time, have been able to appreciate the benefits of travel insurance policies. Nobody can predict what will happen if go to the Austrian Alps, the Sahara desert, or just stroll through the streets of Milan.Everyone should know that any trip – it’s not just holiday or business trip, but the question of what to do if you suddenly have a problem with health? Besides, who bought an insurance policy, no longer have to worry about this.

Very often it happens that a traveler, even with the very mild disease should go to the nearest medical facility to avoid complications and keep quiet ride, but in some countries, drug prices are so high that decides to save money on ill health, and this can lead to unpredictable consequences.

What are the risks covered by travel insurance?
Even a standard package of travel insurance covers the cost of travel to receive timely and quality health care for illness or accident, so you need to understand that the travel insurance that will cost you only a few lats – just need to protect themselves from the risks associated with each trip!

Depending on the insurance program – Basic, Standard, Silver or Gold, a travel insurance policy covers the costs associated with:

  • receiving medical assistance and repatriation;
  • accidents;
  • theft or loss of baggage and personal effects;
  • termination or cancellation of travel;
  • unintentional damage to health, life or property of others in the private insurance of civil liability;
  • obtaining legal assistance.

Do not risk your health – get travel insurance policy that you do not have to cover losses that may occur during a trip abroad!