The History of Car Insurance

In 1901, Lloyd was the first car is insured, but by the rules of marine insurance, car insurance because the rules did not exist, the underwriter wrote a policy on how to ship a car, commits navigation on land.
One of the most famous cases of damages resulting from the accident took place in England. In the 20′s. XX century. one of the crossings before the bridge across the canal stalled car. Rammed it, loaded with sand train derailed and, breaking through the farm bridge and fell into a canal. Sand from the train dammed channel, there was a small flood, in which were clogged fields surrounding farmers. The company, which was insured motorist responsibility of the third party, paid the cost of train, bridge repairs, cleaning of the canal and fields totaling 2 million pounds. Now at constant prices it would be 50-70 million pounds (News.Battery.Ru-Accumulator of News).

Two forms are recognized for hull damages. The first – repair works at a service station owned by an insurance company or a related contract. In this case the insurance company usually pays the cost of shipping the vehicle from the scene of road traffic or other incident to a repair station and the station at the address given by the insured. This method of compensation is applied in developed countries and is just beginning to take root in Russia.
The second form of compensation – monetary compensation. Domestic insurance companies shall pay a sum of money by an Act of the vehicle inspection, estimates derived from the traffic police, traffic police and other authorities. The amount of damage is determined by an expert insurance company, service station or an independent expert (usually forensic and technical expertise), but can not exceed the insured amount indicated in the contract. If the insurer does not meet the examination of the insurer, he shall be entitled at his own expense to conduct their own due diligence.
When a motor insurance along with insurance hull and liability insurance offer insurance of passengers from an accident during the trip.
On the terms of the motor insurance can be insured and railway facilities, but at a lower tariff rates.