10 Celebrities With The Most Expensive House Insurance

Celebrities are not immune to tragedy. Despite the massive wealth of many celebrities, most still have home insurance policies that could pay millions to their estates if they pass away unexpectedly. Some celebs have even gone so far as to insure some of their body parts.

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1. Justin Bieber

The above image seems the best that can be found on the net for now. From active discretion, one could assert that this Bieber dude is a hush-hush person. Though not one of those flashy edifices, this modest masterpiece would make you want to imagine how the young lad raised the $500,000 a year home insurance cost.

Well, his main headache would hence be being prayerful about the persistent Southern California fire outbreaks. Although not only him, many others of his calibre suffer similar fate. No wonder it’s a common practice to see celebs with breathe taking a home fire insurance policy to battle unforeseen circumstances.

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