17 Surprising Signs You Have Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a brain illness that causes a decreasing in memory and clear thinking. The symptoms progress very slowly over a couple of years, so it is not easy to spot them. Also, having only one symptom doesn’t mean you have the disease. To know better about this illness and what may be the 17 Surprising Signs You Have Alzheimer’s keep on reading.

17. Mood Swings

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This life-changing disease also changes the personality of the affected. Alzheimer’s makes them agitated, nervous and confused. For them, simple things don’t make sense, and they get exhausted from trying to make them work. It is proven that there is a personality shift, which means that if before the person was outgoing he becomes shy. Mood swings come unexpectedly and without any particular reason. The person can be easily upset, become angry or start crying. You will not be able to realize that this is happening with you, but others can easily spot this manifestation and warn you.

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