15 Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is one of the most prominent and dangerous forms of cancer. It starts with the buildup of polyps along the wall of the colon; as these polyps reproduce, they present the patient with serious digestive problems. Should the polyps remain benign, meaning non-cancerous, typically they only present the patient with discomfort; however, should they become cancerous, they can cause cancer cells to spread throughout this and other parts of the body, significantly threatening the life of the patient.

One of the reasons colon cancer is so deadly: it’s hard to detect. As this article will show, early signs of colon cancer are easy to confuse with other, far less dangerous health issues, like stomach flu or irritable bowel syndrome (and that’s why it’s important for adult men and women to get themselves tested for colon cancer). So, what are some of the symptoms of colorectal cancer?

1. Constipation


Difficulty having regular bowel movements can be a sign of many issues: technically, it usually means the patient is not getting enough fiber and may not be drinking enough water. Without enough fiber and water, the bowels can become dry, making it difficult for food waste to move efficiently through and out of the body.

However, constipation may also be a sign of bigger problems, namely colon cancer. This is because the presence of polyps in the colon can slow the progress of food waste, making it more difficult to pass it out of the body. If you regularly struggle with constipation, talk to your doctor about getting tested for colorectal cancer.

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