Top 16 Dog Breeds for Seniors

The Golden Years are a time when many older adults enjoy life and companionship. Throughout these years, many senior citizens can experience a wide range of health problems, which can cause the individual to become depressed, sad, and even lonely at times. Recent trends have shown that many seniors have geared the household with a dog or two, as a way to help liven up the place. While many dogs make great companions and great for the typical senior citizen, there are certain breeds that work better than others for senior living. Listed below are 16 of the best dog breeds that senior citizens should consider to liven up the home.

1. Biewer.

If you have never heard of this dog breed then consider reading on. The Biewer is a small dog breed, one of the smallest actually, and is a lovable breed that typically can live for about 14 years. Known for not shedding very much, the Biewer is known for being playful, affectionate, social, and gentle, which is ideal for any older adult with balance or physical limitation issues. You can find this breed in many colors including black, white, tan, and golden colored, giving you plenty of options to select from. Consider this dog if you are looking for a great lap dog to pet, cherish, and love.

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