It’s no wonder the Fast and the Furious franchise is still going strong. After all, we all love fast cars. As such, even donate cars is a popular search term in today’s day and age. However, before putting the pedal to the metal in these futuristic vehicles, be sure to look up some car insurance quotes. You can never be too careful.

Have you picked out cheap auto insurance quotes? Good! Now let’s get this show on the road. Fasten your seatbelts because we’ll be in for a bumpy ride. These futuristic cars may seem out of this world and many of these ideas are still merely on the drawing board. But we won’t let that stand in our way of some automobile fun.

Toyota Nori

This model is over half a decade in the making. Toyota came up with the idea for Toyota Nori when they entered it in the 2010 Design Challenge at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It was conceptualized with eco-friendliness in mind. Hopefully it will also be friendly on your wallet when it comes to auto insurance.

It is a pod shaped vehicle that makes the structure a very integral part of the car. This would result in cheaper manufacturing costs as it would require less material. And in turn, it will cost consumers less to purchase this beauty. However, it would suck if you would have to put all of those savings back into finding some cheap auto insurance quotes. But if things don’t work out you could always donate cars to charity. We wouldn’t even dream of it!

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