30+ Epic T-Shirt Fails You Can’t Unsee

Witty quotes and words on T-shirts are a universal love of many people. Sometimes expressing a true statement or a powerful message, its more often the case that they’re a way to bring attention to the hilarity of a puzzling quote or joke. So instead of having to do a double-take, we’ve compiled all the best T-shirt word fails we’ve found for your pure enjoyment!

Never Went to Class

It’s too bad she didn’t take the time in COLLEGE to brush up on her spelling. Nevertheless, she still seemed to love her time at this higher education institution. Maybe don’t tell her parents that it has nothing to do with the classes that they’re paying all the school fees for. We’ll keep her love of parties on the down low, shall we? In the meantime, perhaps someone can let her know that her ‘a’ is taking place of a much needed ‘e’ on her shirt.

Humble Honey.

Because nothing says humility and respect like a sexy girl bringing attention to herself not just in nice clothes, but an obvious statement on her shirt to make everyone else feel bad. That one is sure to make her friends while she’s wearing it, right? Uh, maybe not. At least she’s got the point across. Seems like anyone spending time with her in that shirt would need some fairly thick skin. Well done to them!

Hint Hint

There’s no need to decipher all the subtle cues and hints with this girl. She’s laying it out clear from the start. Though what happens when she does get drunk then? A few shots into the night, does she have a game plan then? Did she bring a new shirt to take with her to the party? Or maybe she just takes it off… oh. That would make sense, wouldn’t it?

Keep Trying

To be honest, we don’t recognize her. But maybe that’s just because the bleach blonde and pink tank top confuse her with every other California gal looking to make it in the reality TV world. Let’s state the obvious here – we’re all thinking it. Why on earth is there a random owl in the middle of that word ‘almost’? This is more baffling than why she is ‘almost famous’, we just want to know about the owl!

Access Granted

Wow – it doesn’t take long for popular technology to make its mark on social culture that there’s now even T-shirts dedicated to it. It does mean though that anyone past the age of 60 may have a hard time understand what this actually means! Maybe that’s a good thing. Her parents and grandparents will be none the wiser. There you go, a lesson for all looking to wear more risque T-shirts in the company of your family without them knowing – use the language of technology!

Quick Kiss!

OK, we know that T-shirt logic isn’t really a thing, but when you think about it, this means that for her boyfriend to ‘come back’ he would have had to have been there with her. Which means that he definitely knows she’s wearing this shirt… hmmm. It could be a situation of thinking his girlfriend was just super funny. Maybe she is. Or maybe it was her ploy all along to get him to think it’s ‘just a joke’… quick, no time to work it out, he’s coming back!

Dressed Appropriately

WOAH. Did he put this shirt on for the occasion of breaking whatever law he broke? That is some pre-planning. If it were a pure coincidence though, it would be even more impressive. Or it’s his regular shirt he wears every day. Whatever the reason, he’s completely right, that situation would for sure really suck. What a way to state an obvious fact!

Some Proud Beliebers

They’re either completely serious in their love of his music, or they’ve found a genius way to get all the gorgeous Bieber girl fans to pay attention to them, or they lost a very big bet. Hats off to their courage in any case, already some guys get slack for wearing a pink tee, but these friends wear them with pride, and quite funny expressions, may we say. The one on the right is like ‘duh, of course, we love Bieber, he’s AH-MAZING!’

Oh Dear

OK, to get it clear, this shirt isn’t just a shirt created to slam Minnie and Mickey mouse. It’s a funny story actually. Deadmau5 is an electronic DJ from Canada, and this shirt is part of his branding. This DJ has been known to wear a giant mouse head to hide his face. The logo he uses is actually so similar to the popular Mickey Mouse logo that Disney even sued Deadmau5. So when this guy walked into Disneyland for a meet and greet, it’s no wonder he was met with looks like that. Clever choice in shirt though, we have to say.

On Purpose?

Getting stuck in a swamp ain’t all that bad, you’ve got this memory with a very appropriate shirt to now show everyone. Was this just a ploy to get a great picture? If it wasn’t, then amazing timing to choose to wear that shirt the day he went out on the boat with mates. Or possibly all days out with his friend involve some kind of mistake and mess in some way – we think that’s more likely the case here.

Funny Disrespect?

This one is a tough one. First of all, whoever made this shirt may not be the most socially sensitive person. Second of all, as Anorexia is such a widespread and serious condition all over the world, there’s got to be millions of people that he is insulting right now. The light side of it is that he is making light of his own obesity. Though there’s a line there too. In all, we would classify this shirt as a major T-shirt fail. Just too much.

Making Dreams… Reality?

He wishes! It was a courageous, and optimistic choice to be so forthcoming in the shirt that he chose to wear to the party. Good on him for having the guys to wear what every guy secretly is wishing in their heads. Not so well done on this picture where clearly the magnetism isn’t so strong. Maybe it was early on in the night. Maybe he was just warming up. Because she certainly isn’t warming up to him!

Lady Killer

Ladies love a confident man. So much so that the most confidence, grounded and suave man usually gets dozens of admirers, making it a tough competition when you meet the perfect man sometimes. Well, this one is a sharing and caring kind of guy. What a sweetheart, offering himself not just to one of the admiring ladies, but giving a little bit to each. If that’s not generosity, we don’t know what else is.

This Could Be Dangerous

Drinking related T-shirts are pretty common on this fail list. And for good reasons. There’s just too much hilarious content to not make fun about. Like this one – clearly she is trying her very very hardest. The unsaid fact here is that it could go over the edge and take a lot of drinking until she decides she’s wanting to get close to this guy. No one likes having someone breathe down your neck while you’re trying to neck back your beer. Space, man, give her space!

98% There

Well then, that’s an overshare if we ever saw one. If she’s wearing this all day, then maybe she should go and see someone. Surely that’s not a healthy state to always be ‘loading’ her flatulence. The ‘Please Wait’ is the absolute fail line on this shirt. The graphic is actually quite clever and funny, but the ‘Please Wait’… now that’s just one step too far! Though we appreciate the warning she is giving to the world. Too often do we walk down aisles unawares that we’re walking into a smell of doom. So that’s at least a kindness she has given.

Translation Fail

Ohhhh dear. This one is so funny because it probably wasn’t meant to be funny. Always the unintentional hilarious T-shirts get the best laughs. Though since it was most likely meant to be a serious shirt saying ‘clap your hands’, this is most definitely a fail situation, And he looks so serious and stylish! How many people would have picked up on the spelling mistake, we wonder? Now that we’ve seen it, we can’t unsee it, and that’s some pretty intense visuals to deal with.

Knows His Limits

We like a guy who doesn’t settle. Good on him for being so straight forward and honest about his dating preferences. We only have admiration and respect for this man, Tell them straight up, and they won’t get hurt. That’s the best way to go about the dating world. Hey, we want a shirt like that too, do you have any spare? (That one is a little greasy!)

Another Appropriate Situation

Again we have a choice of shirt exactly matching the situation. But we still can’t help wondering, did he put it on before he decided to play with the fireworks at home, or did his family help him change into the shirt to take him to the hospital waiting room. That makes the most sense, since his other shirt was burnt, why not choose the most appropriate shirt for the occasion?

Because You Said So

Wouldn’t we all love permission to just release our minds and go a little dumb and crazy? Well, this shirt gives us that. We have enough on our plates with life and work and obligations. Sometimes we all need a little stupid in our lives, and it’s true that thinking less would really be a nice break for many of us. So we say thanks to this T-shirt wearer!

Rethinking Travel

So geography wasn’t the easiest subject for this T-shirt designer. Which is why they should have left it for someone who could have easily googled what Asia actually LOOKS LIKE. Oh wait – they could have done that themselves. This T-shirt fail comes down to pure laziness. Which, in turn, leads to pure hilarity! So, thanks for the massive fail. That was a funny one indeed.

Happy Hamberger?

This is a fail in so many ways. First of all, spelling. Second, the grammar (I feel happy when I eat ‘him’?) and lastly, it’s just terrible all over. Oh and who else noticed that the shirt which is about a Hamburger (correct spelling!) but actually has French Fries on the graphic. Let’s hope there aren’t actually real people walking around in this fail of a T-shirt. It’s blasphemy to both Hamburgers and French Fries.

Great Sense of Humor

Not so great sense of fashion. But he gets away with it with his cheeky-ness. If he were maybe 20 years younger, it would be creepy and crass. Well, maybe to some it’s a little creepy. But really, can you take him completely seriously in such a vibrant hot pink color? Though to point out a little flaw in the T-shirt design, if it really were the girlfriend’s shirt – why would it have those words on it?

YOLO, So Make the Shirt Worth It

Not only did this cool cat find a very attention-grabbing shirt to sport in public, but his shades and haircut are the perfect matches, saying to the world ‘I don’t care what you think, I look fabulous!’ The spirit of the saying ‘You Only Live Once’ (YOLO) is heightened even more by the wry grin on his face and the ‘swag on’ addition. So what’s the fail here? Well, though he is very matching, it goes without saying this is one of the most ridiculous outfits we’ve seen in this article so far!

Lead By Example

… or by what NOT to do. Like this safety worker hitching a ride in the back tray of the truck. Totally safe and abiding by the law, right? Maybe he should have remembered to take his work shirt off at least before hopping into his friend’s car. Let’s just hope small children who can already read aren’t getting the wrong idea now!

Happy Hustle?

Is this really correct? Do we receive some good things in our life when we hustle? It depends on what kind of definition you use because one way that hustles is defined is to ‘obtain by persuasion’, often related to doing something a little more ‘shady’ and ‘unlawful.’ So the lovely lady promoting the hustle, we wonder if she knows she’s also promoting this shifty behavior as well… hmmmm…

At Least He’s Honest

Though this isn’t a very smart way to make friends when you’re out and about, especially on what looks to be a fairly social cruise situation. The look on his face is actually so perfect at this moment – cheekiness crossed with a little bit of guilt. Basically what anyone would feel at that moment. Thumbs up to the photographer for catching the moment well. Now, excuse us while we go to the adult’s pool. We’ll just leave him in the kid’s splash pool, he’ll make friends there.


This hot property won’t stay single for long! He’s put it out into the world loud and clear, and this bachelor is confident in his ability to be such an amazing, uh, lover? Partner? Friend? So confident, that he’s wearing it around town. We’d like to know how this shaming of the women is working for him, though. Somehow we feel that this may not be the absolute best way to give a hint that he’s still single.

Well, Thanks

For letting us know. What a kind and thoughtful thing to do. We would really rather you just say it how it is when it comes to your gassy situation, so this very simple and very effective shirt is just the thing to clear the room and keep everyone else at a safe distance away. Not the shirt to wear to make friends in though. He does have a lovely smile, but ain’t no smile going to attract anyone near when you plaster the words ‘I have gas’ on your body.

He Knows Whats Up

This actually isn’t a T-shirt fail. This is impressive and admirable. Go Gansta grandpa! He’s keeping it real and letting all those ‘haters’ out there know that he means business and that there’s no messing with him. How many haters would he actually have we wonder? He actually looks like a pretty sweet man, who’s going to hate on that? Either way, we admire his courage and his kickass ability to tell it to the world loud and clear (as the song goes) ‘you can’t touch this.’

Failed Rock

Oh dear. With a band that has die-hard fans like the Rock legends ‘Nirvana’, this T-shirt is a risky one to wear in its terrible mistake. For those who don’t know, that is NOT Nirvana in the picture. That is a 90’s clean-cut boy band Hanson, which is very different from the more darker and harder Nirvana rock music. Seriously, how could you even mistake the two? The designer obviously was living under a rock during the 90s. Major T-shirt fails here.  

Jokes On You!

It’s all fun and games wearing a humorous T-shirt until that T-shirt predicts the future and lands you in the cuffs of the cops. Whoops. Or maybe not so whoops. Maybe he got dressed for the occasion of breaking the law just like his friend at the start of the article. It’s always a fun idea to match your outfit to the situation. This shirt though, maybe some bad luck.

Genius Pairing

Ohhhh don’t we all love matching T-shirt designs? The very common ‘I’m with stupid’ comes to mind when we think of couple of shirts. But this couple goes above and beyond in their matching outfits. And for good reason. If your partner is a forgetful fella who often gets lost and confused, what better way to give himself some safety and security as he goes out in public than pointing everyone in the right direction to ‘Rita.’ Well done, Rita, for having your husband back. Literally!